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Fashion by Princess Melodicaah (F.P.M) is the affordable high end fashion label based in London that makes you do all the talking, without saying a word!, we make your style and fashion speak for itself!.

We specialise in made to measure Women’s Fashion for special events or occasions such as Birthday’s, Wedding receptions, Anniversaries, Graduations, Baby Shower etc.

Fashion Collection

Personal Designing

Stop wasting your time searching for that outfit or dress, let F.P.M take away the stress & frustration.
Consultation includes your very own F.P.M coordinator who will manage & bring your order to life + Telephone chat about your vision & ideas + Fabrics for you to choose from + A design created especially for you + A pencil sketch of your design + A vision board of your order

Styling Consultation

F.P.M can help you complete your look for that special event or occasion.
Consultation includes your very own F.P.M styling consultant who will assist with your styling needs as per your booking + A personalised vision board of your style + Website links so you can purchase the vision board items

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