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Is a reliable cyber security firm

Security Audits

At Tech Banks our Cyber security Operational team comprehensively monitor your business environments to identify and manage security incidents and deliver the security outcomes you need.

Vulnerability Prevention

Tech Banks Cyber Security Team, Monitor endpoints, network traffic, logs, other data sources, look for anomalies -time of logins, spikes in network activity and Raise alerts on suspicious events.

Security Analysis

At Tech Banks Consulting we have the expertise to ensures seamless, fully integrated protection for organisations across platforms.


Security Solutions & Services

Tech banks Consulting is a reliable cyber security firm, supporting Businesses across multiples platforms with professionalism, we are expert in cyber security for small, medium and Large size global organisation. We design solutions and provide tailored advice in all areas of cyber security: from architecture, technical assurance, Operational support, and incident response when the unthinkable happens, we stand firm with you.


What We Offer

At tech Banks we challenge’s traditional industry methods of working. We do not come with a prescribed way of working. Service excellence is about working your way: as an extension of your team or a separate department, on-site or remotely, for extended periods or sprints.

Cyber Threat

To reduce cyber security treat risks, it is fundamental to be able to rapidly identify and respond to attacks.

Protection for Business Security

Tech Banks team protects all your devices against all threats, like ransomware and data breaches

Visibility Threat

At Tech Banks, we believe why network visibility is crucial to protecting Businesses and yourself from cyber-attacks, in today world if you can’t see a malware or a hidden piece of code, you won’t know that it’s harming your business and so you’ll let it continue.


Our Approach to Security

At Tech Banks preventions is better than cure, in today world cyber-attacks on personal and Businesses are becoming sophisticated and attackers are using various methods to exploit businesses. The impact of Cyber-attacks on Businesses can be far damaging. Tech Banks can address security loopholes in your Business and recommends how to control, risks level of exposure in your systems. We carry out professionally security assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your systems.

Hunting for and shutting down threats is vital in detecting attacks early and helping to prevent financial and reputational damage.

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