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We founded VendNation on the principle that venues should have more control over the third party machines being operated on their premises: your customers, your profit. That’s why our photo booths come at no cost and you’ll earn a sizeable profit calculated on booth usage.

We’re only company in the country supplying dual operated machines, meaning the booths can be monetary and coupon operated, giving you flexibility on when and how you choose to use the machine.

Here’s just a few of the many top venues using our machines:

Our promise to you

  • We’ll install our vending photo booth into your venue at no cost
  • We provide free servicing and maintenance of the machine
  • Assurance of our built-in GDPR compliant data capture
  • Our in-house design team can create bespoke branding for your venue and one-off special events
  • You’ll have access our remote technical assistance
  • We can provide data and metrics on customer usage of the booth

Your exclusive benefits

  • Earn a % profit calculated on machine usage
  • Free photo branding and in turn, advertising for your venue
  • No hidden costs or risk
  • Build a safe and compliant customer database for marketing opportunities
  • A machine totally unique to your venue
  • Tailored options for private event hire and interchangeable design for different venue occasions

Download the VendNation brochure

We’ve put together a carefully curated guide for all types of entertainment venues, offering more information on how and why to partner with VendNation.

Features you won’t find anywhere else

QR Code printed on the reserve of every photo print allows others to download the photo directly to their phone, a % of every download will be your profit!
Dual operated booths mean that all of our machines can be operated with either tokens or money – the only booths in the UK that can do this!
Bespoke print and machine design all branded to match your venue all created in-house, free of charge!

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