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Recent studies have shown that more than 90% of customers go online to research the product or service they are looking for. Search engines are the primary tool for people to find the local or global service they need. Google being the most popular one, hence why yell/yellow pages have seen a massive decline.

It is well know for a majority of our clients sales and leads to come from online. This is not possible unless you have a well optimised website with good clean SEO, and in some cases a Paid advertising campaign. For the best chance of you increasing your traffic and sales, your Businesses website must appear in the top 3 positions in Google’s organic listings, studies show that the top 3 positions in Google’s organic listings account for more than 80% of clicks when an online search is performed.

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Our formula is simple and easy and makes sense, Most SEO Companies know the formula but fail to execute due to taking on too many clients and not enough quality SEO workforce. Our formula consist of quality white hat SEO which then leads to higher rankings which = increased quality Traffic which converts into Quality Leads and then into Sales. This process can take a while but done correctly and the results will be worth the wait. No SEO company can guarantee you position one neither can we, and if any company does then I am sorry to say they are lying. But with our track record we are confident with our abilities and skill set to get you to page one of Google for your chosen keywords.

If it’s still a question to weather you should have a website or do SEO then your probably on the wrong website. It should be 100% to every Business owner that in this day and age if you are no where to be seen in the search engines you are losing money and customers to your competition everyday your not found online. It is evident with our current SEO clients who we have made it possible for them to make a positive return on investment (ROI) Month in and Month out, and this is why we are confident we can do the same for you and your Business.

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Responsive Design & Great Google Rankings

Giraffe Marketing has been designing & developing highly converting Search Engine Optimization friendly websites for more than 6 years. With today’s never-ending need for products and services it is crucial that your Business has a responsive and converting design to fit the needs of your customers.

What Makes Giraffe Marketing Different to Other Manchester SEO Companies

Giraffe Marketing is a Manchester based Search engine optimization firm that provides local Google Rankings as well as Nationwide SEO. We have been doing SEO in house for over 5 years. All methods we use are whitehat and follow all of Googles updates and TOS. Our main focus is branding your business within the search engines, this will help your business to stand out and shine compared to your competition. We believe that branding is key to a business’s success, and the methods our team use RTB (ranking through branding) helps you stand out in Google and other search engines. This method we have used for several of our clients around the globe,

Our aim has become one of the most recognized and successful search engine optimization companies in the UK and in the SEO industry, we will do this by providing first page results for our customers and also by ranking for terms such as Manchester SEO, Liverpool SEO, Birmingham SEO, London SEO, etc.

By doing this we will be ranking for some of the most difficult search terms on the web, our ranking will speak for itself.

Giraffe Marketing Will manage all of your online needs, from on-page optimization to website development, hosting, Facebook page, Logo design and even promotional videos that are highly recommended as these style of promo videos work very well with delivering a message to your customers and increase engagement up-to 70%. So take action today and let’s get you in the search engines and help your Business in Manchester grow.

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